Tendonitis Research Paper

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Tendonitis is a disease of the tendon being inflamed, commonly from overuse of the tendon, however, the pain can be from an infection or rheumatic disease. It could lead to rupturing the tendon and causing severe damage that will result in surgical repair.
This disease can be a sudden disease, tendonitis is particularly caused by repetition of a certain movement, eventually, you can develop tendonitis due to everyday jobs, sports, and certain hobbies. The disease can occur at any age, but it is more common in adults who are regularly participating in sports, because the older they get the more they lose elasticity and become weaker. It is a chronic and long term that you can only reduce the pain, but not fully make it disappear.
The most common symptoms with having tendonitis, very painful aching, especially when moving the inflamed joint or limb, tenderness, visible signs of damage such as swelling and redness, stiffness in the
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When the doctor is moving the inflamed area a creaking sound may be heard, it is very painful and they may need to perform other tests to see how bad your joint is such as an MRI, ultrasound, and X-rays to see what could be causing the pain. Performing the MRI and ultrasound may reveal swelling of the tendon sheath, x-rays being performed is a way to see calcium deposits around the tendon. Based on your results as they decide what treatment would be the best fit for your situation.
You could prevent from having tendonitis by, activities that are designed to strengthen the muscles around the tendon, such as; physical therapy and stretching exercises. If you do participate in the sports you should always warm up before, it also helps by cooling down after you are done with the sport by stretching again, not working the muscles too hard and it is an intense warm up as the warm up before being played in the
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