Tenets Of The Army Values With Empathy, A Warrior Ethos And Discipline

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Consistently represent and display the tenets of the Army Values with empathy, a Warrior Ethos and discipline. Integrate loyalty to the Army and ASG-KU and respect to people within my synchronization efforts of requirements development and contracting to support ASG-KU organic units, tenant units and other designated organizations within the ASG-KU AO. Establish objectives within the OCS Cell aligned with integrity, trust, and conscientiousness resulting in legal and moral contractual processes and actions. Mitigate risks of fraud and CTIP. Consistently displayed and projected tenets of the Army values and sought opportunities to establish relationships with Superiors, contemporaries and subordinates aligned with trust and respect. Adroitly maintained relationships with contemporaries and superiors within a very complex and tedious contractual hierarchical environment among multiple organizations with integrity and respect. Project appropriate military bearing at all times; remain positive and focused in the face of adversity and setbacks. Maintain superior military professional bearing, physical fitness, emotional resiliency and commitment to the ASG - Kuwait Commander 's Intent. Committed to influencing Staff by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization. Provide clear direction by effectively communicating operational prioritizing tasks, assigning responsibility, and identifying the standard.

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