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Angles and demonds Introduction When I hear the words Angle and Demond the first thing I think of is good and bad, sinner and saint, heaven and hell. Personally, I believe an angel is a servant for god. I picture a angle to be a reflection of God and all human beings, with white wings and good sprits. A angels and a demonds are total oppsites of eachother that even speaking the word can either give you a sign of relief and comfort or a fearful uneasy feeling. Angels Theological Definition: William Smith stats “Angles are spiritual beings created by God to serve him, through created higher than man. Some angles have remained obedient to him and carry out his wishes, while others, fallen angles,…show more content…
Demonds are immoral and are not free sprits as agles are independent and free. Demons work under God’s direct control. God Commands us to avoid demonds. Biblical Foundation: According to William, Smith” The references to demons in the Old Testament are relatively scarce. Their existence is never proven; it is simply assumed. The Old Testament focus is not on demons and their schemes but on God and his sovereignty”. Practical Application: Although, there is not a lot of facts mentioned in the gospel about demonds we believe demons to be fallen angels and demonic sprits. These type of sprits are not of God. Conclusion In conclusion, theology and the study of angles and demonds is based on fact and what we believe to be true. As proven agles are messengers for God we are not to fear angels ther are good sprited and one on God’s creations. The gospel said we are to fear no one but god, with that being said we are not supposed to fear the devil demonic sprits. One can dig deep into education their self about agles and find a host of information in the Bible. Thus, one can also dig deep for infromatin on demonic sprits in the Bible and come up with less information. Demonic sprits is something we all should educate ourselfves on so we know what to avoid. However, sometime we as human beings do not pay attention and can be mislead to

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