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Tennenbaum and Schmidt Reading Note Background knowledge • In 1938, Lewin and Lippitt proposed classifications of leaders based on how much involvement leaders placed into task and relationship needs. This range of leadership behaviors was expressed along a continuum by Tannenbaum & Schmidt in 1973, ranging from boss-centered (task) to subordinate-centered (relationship). • It is a simple model which shows the relationship between the level of freedom that a manager chooses to give to a team and the level of authority used by the manager. As you can see in the graph, the model allows more control to the managers in the begininning making the leadership style more autocratic, thus the subordinates have less…show more content…
• As the team gains more freedom, more tasks are delegated from the manager. • Through this way the team gets opportunities to use their own creative side and complete the task their own way. • This gives the team a sense of belonging, thus they are more connected and proud to work for their business. Disadvantages of Tannenbaum and Schmidt model • Assumes manager has sufficient information to determine disposition to self. • In real world the manager may not know the true ability of his team and when he sets them a task beyond their capability, they are bound to simply screw up! As they lack the knowledge and sufficient recourses. • Assumes “neutral” environment without social bonds or politics. • Another disadvantage is, since the decision on how the task is to be carried out is to be taken within the team, there will be arguments within the team as different people will have different ideas. This may lead to wastage of time and causes inefficiency. • The model is too simple compared to reality • It assumes delegation as it only area for team motivation. There are many other ways to motivate a team other than just delegation, e.g. fringe benefits. • Due to all the delegated task the team will expect a promotion or atleast a pay rise, which could be a problem for the business as it will cost the business $$$ • It involves only the first steps of delegating task, there are no following

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