Tennessee Regional Office Executive Summary

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The Tennessee Regional Office of Portfolio Recovery Associates have opportunities that could improve its customer experience. Providing good customer service experience is expected and listed in the company’s policy as well as mission statement. Poor customer service could inflict fines and deletion of accounts, meaning money lost for the company. However, great customer service does not always lead to more profit for the site. It should be an equal effort of customer service as well as negotiations. Custom Nation: Why Customization Is the Future of Business and How to Profit from it (2006), discusses how engaging the consumers, creating enjoyment, and satisfaction will captivate the customer’s experience. In addition, customizing the experience has been a key factor in growth for Fortune 500 companies (2006).

Tennessee Regional Office has the least amount of compliance issues when it comes to customer complaints. The complaint report shows detailed explanation of how poor customer service was rendered within each call center. Tennessee office being the second to largest site, has the best results in compliance compared to smaller sites with less representatives, but equal or more complaints. Therefore, Tennessee Regional Office could improve on its customer service delivery and improve
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Among the core operating sites, Tennessee Regional Office can improve on properly entering and updating payments on accounts. As well as, an overall better customer service experience. On the other hand, the site ranks the highest in settlement usage than any other sites. Tennessee’s representatives are creating and negotiating lower settlements than the amounts on the payment tabs within the accounts. Therefore, there could be an opportunity to add more profit to the site by taking less settlements and negotiating payment arrangements on the balance in
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