Tennessee Social Studies Standards

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Teachers in Tennessee are given a set of standards to teach young children. The standards are a crucial aspect of curriculum because they drive what students must know. Therefore, it is important that all teacher candidates have a clear understanding of the standards before going out into the field. The standards were created in a particular fashion for each grade level and subject area. In fact, the Tennessee social studies standards that are listed on http://tn.gov website are sectioned off based upon the type of standard. All grades have this similar layout until third grade when the social studies standards are focused solely on world geography. Kindergarten through second grade focus on Culture, Economics, Geography, Government and Civics, and History. The sections of the standards helps to break down the information. It also helps the standards become less intimidating and easier to comprehend by those who read, review, and utilize them. Additionally, by studying the standards teacher candidates will come to discover many interesting points. In my case, I learned how the standards use scaffolding. The standards build off of each other and become more complex as the grade level escalates. I also learned how much the students will have to know. The…show more content…
The first connections that I made was research based on North American History. The idea I have is for the students to review primary and secondary sources of an event then be able to recall information and categorize what they find. The Social Studies standard that fits with this is 3.17 Compare and contrast a primary source and secondary source of the same event or topic (North America). The English Language Arts standard that I paired with the Social Studies standard is 8. Recall information from experiences or gather information from print and digital sources; take brief notes on sources and sort evidence into provided categories.
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