Tennessee Williams : A Streetcar Named Desire

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Short story writer, poems, essays, and novel play Tennessee Williams was born March 26, 1911, in Columbus, Mississippi to Cornelius and Edwina Williams as Thomas Lanier Williams. He was the second of three children. Having a complicated relationship with his father he was raised by his mother. To describe his childhood, it would be like normal kids happy and pleasant. Then his family moved to St. Louis Missouri and his normal childhood ended. Because he was stripped of his happy and pleasant childhood he went to writing. The Williams’ marriage didn’t help the situation at all, “It was just a wrong marriage,” Williams later wrote. The Williams family situation helped with the playwright’s art. Throughout this essay, I will look back on Tennessee Williams life as well as one of his most known plays A Streetcar Named Desire.
Williams enrolled at the University of Missouri in 1929 and there he studied Journalism. Sad to say Tennessee was withdrawn from college when his father got word of his girlfriend attending the same University. He returned home and became a sales clerk at the shoe company and hated the job with a passion but he always turned to his writing. In 1937, Williams enrolled at the University of Iowa and graduated in 1938. Once Williams graduated he moved somewhere he thought would inspire his writing, New Orleans, Louisiana. When he arrived in New Orleans he changed his name to Tennessee which is where his father hailed from (biography.com). While living in New
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