Tennessee Williams And The Glass Menagerie

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Tennessee Williams was an American author generally regarded one of the best playwrights eve to come out of the United States. Between the 1940s and the 1960s, he was one of the most prolific playwrights penning several award-winning plays the most popular of which was The Glass Menagerie. His work is known for its dramatic flair, poetic language, heartbreaking themes, and gritty characters that have made them timeless American classics. Tennessee was born Thomas Lanier Williams III in March 1911 in Columbus, Mississippi to straight-laced minister’s daughter Edwina Dakin Williams and a traveling salesman Cornelius Coffin Williams. In 1918, the family moved to Louis, Missouri where Cornelius has found a job as the manager of the international Shoe Company in St. Louis. His parents were constantly fighting due his father’s violent temper and drinking. Things were even worse for the young Tennessee, who because of a serious bout of diphtheria became less robust than his father wished, resulting in…show more content…
Honing in on human emotions that influence the interaction between family members it is set in St Louis during the interwar period. Amanda has found it difficult to bring up her two children after their father upped and left the family several years past. The abandonment by their father has had a profound impact on the family, which to an ordinary outsider would be the epitome of dysfunctional. Amanda tries her best to ensure that her children become the best they can be but given that they are now adults, she has little if any authority to control their behavior. Both of the children had quit night school and Amanda’s hope of Tom becoming a business man or Laura becoming a typist have long since faded. Nonetheless, she still thinks highly of her children and glosses over their faults, which increasingly increases the odds that Tom may just become a mirror image of his
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