Tennessee Williams Research Paper

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Belen Spriggs 9 March 2012 Ms. Dougherty AP English 11 Belen Spriggs 9 March 2012 Ms. Dougherty AP English 11 Spriggs 1 Spriggs 1 \ Critical Analysis of Behaviors of Tennessee Williams A significant playwright of the twentieth century, Tennessee Williams, possesses an insightful understanding of human relations and displays that understanding in a handful of his plays. Tennessee Williams’ lived through a rough childhood and had to grow up quickly to take care of his family as it crumbled before his eyes. His mother, father, and sister all became mentally ill and Williams’ family life shattered (Tennessee Vol.5, 2067). After being mentally and emotionally alienated by his family, Williams suffered with a prolonged period…show more content…
Spriggs 3 Spriggs 3 The way that Shannon approaches women and how he intends to continue his relationship with them is portrayed to be unacceptable and self-doubting. Shannon does not have a big ego, in fact he barely has one at all, and therefore he can’t share a true love life with anyone. When Shannon pronounces, “A man in my condition cant marry, it isn’t decent or legal-He’s lucky if he can even hold a job” he depicts the amount of self-doubt he has in himself; saying that his marrying someone is purely lawfully incorrect (Tennessee, Iguana 51). Because Shannon believes that he is not worthy of anyone, he will never be with anyone. Self-doubt will always be an obstacle for any relationship Shannon wishes to have because he will always feel that he is not enough. Another woman who was significant position in Shannon’s life would be the owner of the Costa Verde Hotel and a friend of Shannon for a long time, Maxine Faulk. Shannon arrives at the decaying hotel in the brink of his nervous breakdown because he wants to see Maxine for counsel and help (Kellogg). Maxine is irrepressibly sexual and flirtatious towards Shannon which might have been the exact type of “help” he wanted from her. Maxine poses a potentially aggravating threat to his psychological well-being. When Shannon shares one of his first conversations with Maxine about her husband’s, Fred, death Maxine notifies him with
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