Tennessee Williams’S, The Glass Menagerie, Is One Of The

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Tennessee Williams’s, The Glass Menagerie, is one of the most popular plays of all times and the play that started his success as a playwright. This play explores a dysfunctional family who has been abandoned by the husband/father and struggles to progress in an economically stressed time. The play showcases three extremely complex characters who each have personal struggles in their own lives which furthermore create tensions between each other as a family unit. As a true lover of this play, I had to dig deep into the text and try to understand each of the characters of this play in order to figure out what was the cause to their unhappiness. There were many factors that played a huge role to the misery of their lives but the most…show more content…
When talking to her son in scene four of the play, Amanda stated, “I mean that as soon as Laura has got somebody to take care of her, married, a home of her own, independent-why, then you will be free to go wherever you please. But until that time you have to look out for your sister (pg.42)”. Once again, as the male of the household it was Tom’s responsibility to make sure that his sister had a steady future and was well taken care of before he could move on and start own his life. During that time period, women were seen as being weak and needing to have a male figure in their lives in order to succeed in life. It was very clear how these gender roles affected Tom’s life and how difficult it was for him to carry all that weight on his own. Having to face a physical disability was not the only struggle in Laura’s life. Having a disability destroyed Laura’s confidence which also negatively influenced her role as a women. In the late 1930’s women were supposed to marry at a young age, bear children, and take care of the household chores. It was also important for women to take care of their appearance and look “pretty” in order to increase their chances of finding a man to marry. This concept was clearly seen through Amanda’s dialogue towards her daughter Laura. In the first scene of the play, Amanda told Laura, “Resume your seat, little sister. I want you to stay fresh and pretty for gentlemen callers” (pg.8).
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