Tennis Serve Experiment

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The main aim was to see if scapula-stabilising exercises could influence the velocity and accuracy of the tennis serve. This experiment focused on recreational tennis players due to limited research in this area of tennis.
Two different exercise groups were compared to see if velocity and accuracy of the tennis serve improved following a six-week exercise programme. Results of this study did not demonstrate a significant change in velocity and accuracy between pre-test and post-test data. However, the whole-body exercise group did show a significant improvement in velocity compared with the scapular stabilising exercise group. This highlights how the use of the LEX in the kinetic chain of the serve can influence the velocity more than solely
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The results from this study only reflect a very small number of the population, so it is difficult for this experiment to show any significant results. It would have reflected better on the results if the sample size had been meet, however it was not possible due to lack of time and number of eligible volunteers.
The SpeedTracX was tested and calibrated by the researcher during the pilot study; it had shown to be reliable in measuring velocity. However during the experiment it did not always show the speed during the testing. Therefore some participants ended up serving more than 10 serves, this error was not considered before starting the experiment. For further studies it would be recommended to consider this limitation.
Participants were asked to keep to their same training routine and not add new exercises while completing the experiment for six weeks. However, the researcher could not be with the participants while they completed the exercise every other day so the compliance of the participants is questionable. Also the number of sets and how often the exercises had to be completed may have been too high and so the participants could have become bored with the routine and therefore lost interest with the
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