Tensile Test For Steel En3b And Nylon 6

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Tensile Test for Steel EN3B and Nylon 6/6

MATS117 Materials and Manufacture

Gregory Benson + Michal Paczkowski
GB 10449832
MP 10476280

Alistair Cree


Abstract Page 3

Introduction Pages 3-4

Method Pages 4-5

Materials-Steel EN3B Pages 6-7

Materials-Nylon 6/6 Pages 7-8

Results Pages 8-12

Analysis Page 12

Conclusion Page 13

References Pages 14-15

This report aims to analyse and discuss the results of carrying out tensile tests for two materials, in this case Mild Steel and Nylon. The purpose of this is to use the information generated to calculate Young’s Modulus, Yield Stress, Tensile Strength, and Percentage Elongation. These properties must be known before designing a product using the materials tested, because the anticipated behaviour of the material must be suitable for the design specification, with a margin left for safety.
The test followed the standard procedure for tensile testing; force was applied to a specimen of known dimensions, and the resulting extension was recorded, thus allowing a stress-strain graph to be generated. The bottom of the specimen was secured into the crosshead of a tensile test machine, and the top secured to the load cell. An extensometer is placed on the specimen to measure extension. The test is complete when the force applied by raising the load cell at a constant rate causes the specimen to fail.
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