Tensile Test Report

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Practical Report Name: Loh Khin Keong Admin No.: 1237078 Group number: A Date: 11/5/12 Class: DMLS/1A01 Experiment 1A: Determination of Mechanical Properties of Selected Materials (CDIO) 1. Synopsis The objective of this CDIO experiment was to determine the mechanical property of polymeric materials which was the tensile properties .The testing standard to adopt for the tensile testing was ASTM D638. Four different types of polymers were placed into the tensile testing machine. The different specimens would then be stretched till it breaks. The tensile testing machine would give the information on the force that was required to stretch the different specimens until it breaks. The average reading of Tensile modulus of all four specimens…show more content…
* Ductility- A measure of the degree of plastic deformation that has been sustained at fracture, also known as elongation, normally expressed as percentage. %EL=Lf-LoLo ×100 % stress Brittle Ductile strain E.g PS exhibits brittle failure (experience very little or no yielding) E.g PE exhibits ductile failure (yields before breaking and experience plastic deformation) * Toughness-The ability of a material to absorb energy up till it fractures. The shaded area indicates the energy required to fracture the test specimen. Stress Strain 4. Procedure (Determination of Tensile Properties) 4.1 Materials General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS), High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PS). 4.2 Equipment Lloyd Tensile Testing Machine 4.3 Steps 4.4 Experimental Precaution: 1. Check the force that is applied in the load cell is correct. 2. Take into account the zero error when measuring the width and thickness of the specimens with a vernier caliper. 3. Make sure that the testing speed is 50mm/min. 4. Repeat the procedure of each specimen and get the average reading. 5. Result and Calculations
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