Tension Between Crime And Punishment

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Crime and Punishment, written by Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky, takes place in St. Petersburg, Russia. The date of publication for the novel was in the year 1866. The novel centers around a man name Raskolnikov, who is torn between doing what he believes is right or to do what his morality agrees with. The introduction of guilt is visible throughout the novel, and initially the reader is not aware of what Raskolnikov’s plans are. It is not until the fourth chapter that the reader finally understands Raskolnikov’s intentions.
The novel is divided into four parts, which is significant due to the fact that it with each section, we see a shift in Raskolnikov’s character. From sincerity, to fear, to power, and finally to acceptance. In the first section, Raskolikov is contemplating going through with the murder of the pawnbroker named Alyona Ivanovna, whom he hates substantially. The more Raskolnikov debates to himself on what to do, the clearer his motives become. The fact that he so easily decides to kill the women shows that his morals are not as high
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The author feels as though Raskolnikov was in his right mind when he did such a horrible act, which is only an accurate statement in regards to the beginning of the novel. When the reader is first introduced to Raskolnikov, he obviously seems like a normal, regular character who has insecurities and experiences guilt as anyone else would. What Eikeland failed to mention was that Raskolnikov was not rational throughout the entire process. Many instances occurred where he wanted nothing to do with the idea of murder, but the fact of the matter was that every time he saw the pawnbroker, and every conversation he had leading up to the killing was centered on an irrational
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