Tension and Dread in Chapter V

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How does Mary Shelley use elements of the Gothic in Chapter 5 to create an atmosphere of tension and dread? Victor Frankenstein is an obsessed scientist who is trying to make a living human being out of dead body parts. He uses dead body parts because he had to get body parts from somewhere where nobody would find out because it was illegal. Therefore he got his body parts from criminals that had been hung. However not everything goes to plan, the Monster comes to life and tries to fit in with everybody else. He is kind to them and all he wants to do is make friends. Consequently when people see him, they see him to be a vicious monster that is going to hurt them, they don’t realise that all he wants to do is fit in. For example he…show more content…
Words that normally describe the genre are words like dark, depressing, death, decay, spooky and shadowed. In a gothic novel extreme weather helps to create an atmosphere, it is usually stormy, cold, rainy, thunder and lightning. These features of extreme weather help to cause anxiety and tension in the audience; the associations that the audience make with these weather conditions are usually negative. A typical landscape in a gothic novel includes acres of land with small remote buildings. Characteristics of gothic architecture are things like churches, cathedrals, tall castles, pointed buildings, angled buildings, gargoyles which are large and overpowering One of the most important influences on Mary Shelley’s writing came from the world of science more importantly Luigi Galvani’s work. Galvani performed a series of experiments involving electric charges and frogs. The charges of electricity would make the frog’s leg jump even if it was not attached to the frog. Galvani was also obsessed with proving his theory with the frog leg. This could have inspired Mary Shelley in her writing because Frankenstein is obsessed with electricity and he is determined to prove his theories that electricity can bring something back to life. In the novel Shelley reflected current social attitudes towards such advances in science. There was huge doubt and fear of the consequences of
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