Tension in The Red Room, The Cone and The Superstitious Man's Story

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Tension in The Red Room, The Cone and The Superstitious Man's Story 'The Red Room', The Cone' and 'The Superstitious Man's Story' are all short stories which were written before 1914. 'The Red Room' and 'The Cone' were both written by H.G. Wells and 'The Superstitious Man's Story' was written by Thomas Hardy. All three of these stories were written in Victorian Times (1837-1901). These were years of great scientific and technological developments. The authors of the three stories show us a diminishing belief in superstition and supernatural. The authors of 'The Red Room' and 'The Superstitious Man's Story' have written the stories in the style of a gothic one, although they don’t end up being supernatural. However, 'The Cone'…show more content…
However, people reveal that they saw this man's ghost got to church on Midsummer's Eve. The opening itself creates tension as it puts the reader into the place of the character. All three stories start of with dialogue which raises the question to us, the reader, of what has just gone on and what is going to happen next. This makes us read on. In 'The Red Room' it begins with the narrator saying: '"I can assure', said I, that it will take a very tangible ghost to frighten me."' This quote shows that the man is not scared, but we are not sure what is going to next and we want to find out if he gets scared by the ghost in the room if there is. We want to find out what might happen to him. We read on to find out what will happen. Similarly, 'The Cone' starts with dialogue and makes us wonder what has just happened. This is when the man and woman are talking to each other: '"The man and woman spoke to one another in low tones. 'He does not suspect?' said the man, a little nervously.' Not he, 'she said peevishly, as though that too imitated her."' This puts us in the shoes of the characters and it gets into the action straight away so we are unaware of what has happened. It makes the reader want to read on as it leaves us with anticipation. It creates tension as they speak in 'low tones' telling us that they are keeping a secret. Also, 'The Superstitious Man's Story' the opening makes us want to read on as it leaves us in the

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