Tensions Between Consumers and Organizations

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Tensions between Consumers and Organizations Tension One Marketing Messages Consumers have witnessed a long chain of negative publicity in regards to corporate scandals, Ponzi schemes, sex scandals, WikiLeaks, and a wide variety of other negative organizational transgressions. One result of this is that, in general consumers have become increasingly skeptical of traditional marketing messages and mediums. Marketing and public relations organizational functions have found it has become increasingly difficult to reach consumers with their organization's message through traditional channels even when the traditional social media channels are considered (Kelly, et al., 2010). Organizations must now find creative solutions to help spread their message. This development has also been foster by advances in technology. The introduction of both web based television programming as well as digital television recording devices allow consumers to bypass commercial messages and watch their favorite programming uninterrupted. Almost all of the traditional advertisement opportunities to gain potential customers have been undermined by one way or another. This trend has likely arisen from the fact that consumers are desperate to avoid advertisements since they have grown generally skeptical of marketing messages in general (Stewart, 2009). Since consumers are now leery of the traditional forms of marketing has focused its attention on new and more creative ways of promoting its
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