Tenure Argumentative Essay

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Proponents also advocate that teacher tenure will generate and guarantee innovation in teaching. Teachers starting out are constantly being watched and evaluated on their performance and effectiveness in the classroom. Most teachers stick to the book and their guidelines they have to follow for the curriculum. There is not much innovation or new strategies that will help students learn more effectively. Mr. Griffin from Garden Grove High School said that “Tenure is like a pat on the back for a job well done and allows you to have a little bit more freedom as a teacher” (Ancheta 6). By having tenure, it allows teachers to come out of their box and bring new effective strategies to the classroom that will the students learn the material in a much better way. Many teachers feel pressured overall and are afraid to bring or try something new in the classroom. Tenure is a reward for hard work in the classroom and gives teachers a sense of confidence in what they are doing, knowing that they are doing their job right. Many of these teachers who receive tenure will drive themselves into…show more content…
The job as a teacher is to give the students’ knowledge of that subject, teach the students in an effective way that will stick to them, make learning enjoyable and have the students leave in a remarkable manner. The early stages in a child’s life are crucial to the development as a human being. Although, there are many factors that can affect the student’s outcome, the teacher is one of them and can play a big role. Our school system deserves qualified and effective teachers in the classroom that are for the students. Bad teachers negatively affect students in such a way that it can have a lasting effect that can be difficult or impossible to reverse. We have this opportunity in time to improve our school system and to steer the future of our country in the right way. What are we going to do about
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