Tenure in America Essay

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Although there are many varying opinions on what revisions should be made to the tenure system in America, I believe that even though there are many complaints, Tenure needs to be maintained in order to promote academic freedom and educational security. Tenure is defined by Mathew Finkin as “At the expiration of a period of probation, commonly not to exceed six years of full-time service, a faculty member is either to be accorded “tenure” or to be given a terminal appointment for the ensuing academic year. Thereafter, the professor can be discharged only for “just cause” or other permissible circumstances and only after a hearing before a body of his or her academic peers” (Finkin 3). Tenure, in recent years, has become a point of heated …show more content…
"Unions don't grant tenure - administrators do. Too many school boards and superintendents attack tenure rather than hold their own managers accountable for hiring and supervising teachers and, if necessary, removing those who don't make the grade. Tenure is granted by the board of education on recommendation of the superintendent -but many schools do a poor job of evaluating and supporting teachers…Tenure's not about protecting ‘bad’ teachers; it's about protecting good teachers. What would happen to teachers without tenure? They could - and would - be fired for virtually any reason. It’s not hard to imagine teachers being dismissed because they failed the daughter of an influential businessman or because the school board president's nephew needed a job. In these fiscally troubled times, what would stop a school board from replacing a veteran teacher at the top of the pay scale with a first-year teacher - simply to save money? Tenure is the first line of defense against attacks on academic freedom. Teachers can engage their students in a free exchange of ideas only if they are protected from arbitrary dismissal for doing so. Tenure prevents school boards from arbitrarily dismissing teachers for holding political, religious or social views with which they disagree.[Tenure] protects academic freedom the way the First Amendment protects freedom of the press” (NYSUT). Although that is the position that I
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