Tenured Professors: The Importance Of Tenure In Higher Education

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Professors must meet certain levels of expectations based on their role and current level of tenure. In the current system, many educators are uncertain of these expectations and often do not meet them. Due to this system, some professors are denied tenure because they are not meeting their expectations (Lawrence and Galle). Even so, some professors make it through and are granted lifelong employment. Then something happens. Professors are not held accountable for their actions. They have the academic freedom to do and say as they please even if their students are suffering. Since there are not true expectations, tenured professors cannot be fired. This is not beneficial for the students, the university or even the professor. Just as (week…show more content…
This is especially important for the political frame. Universities that use the TQM approach will have fewer power struggles between faculties. Currently, tenured faculty members make most of the tenured-track decisions in their department. “Individuals about to undergo a personnel review are particular sensitive to messages regarding how they are received by those in authority who will participate in the appraisal” (Tenure fairness). This phenomenon is opposite of what is supposed to be happening with the tenure system. Tenure-track faculty should not have to worry about how their peers view them, they should focus on their work and how that work will impact their students. Collegiality consistently underscores collegial relations. It causes tension in organizational climates, role expectations, even performance feedback, and with resources that are intended to build a strong tenure portfolio (celis pg…show more content…
Establishing a more rigorous post-tenure review will encourage them to set goals, but it will also show the presidents of the universities what their goals are and what they are doing to achieve them. Provost den Boer stated that higher education is “one of the few industries where we don’t measure the quality of the product.” It is difficult to measure student success. It is difficult to measure university success. Success does not just come from numbers. There are many other aspects of campus life that students consider when choosing a school and only one of them is the reputation of the faculty. If a universities goal is to produce well rounded students, then only considering in-classroom performance is not a good measure. “Simply knowing the students (customers) are dissatisfied does not bring the school system any closer to improving the quality of instruction”
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