Ter Hardware Engineer. Robert Merrill . . 7 March 2017.

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ter Hardware Engineer Robert Merrill 7 March 2017 1. JOB DESCRIPTION 1.1. Description As a computer hardware engineer, you will mainly focus on the physical parts of the computer systems. This will include aspects such as memory chips, keyboards, motherboards, hard drives just to give a few examples. You will be responsible for the testing of prototype model making sure that they work with the system. Also, you will work with troubleshooting any problem with the prototypes in the design of the hardware to ensure that all part work properly together and there will be no problems for the customer. The design scope could include central processing units (CPU), some custom circuits for certain customers, hard drives and any other…show more content…
1.2.4. Requires the ability to read and create schematic diagrams and design schematics. 1.2.5. Will oversee the manufacturing process for the hardware deveopled. 1.2.6. Test protypes that are deveopled to ensure that the product is working to specs. 1.2.7. Must be able to keep up with new technology and have a knowledge of computer engineering 1.2.8. Check and ensure that the hardware is going to be compatiable with the newest software. 1.2.9. Updating computer systems with newest software 1.2.10. Be able to use test equipment such as `muiltimeter, oscilloscopes, test probes, frequency counters, circuit testers. 1.3. Advertisements Hardware Design Engineer for SpaceX Link: http://www.spacex.com/careers/position/202908 This ad gives the basic responibities of the hardware dsign engineer. It also provides the basic qualification which include a B.S in computer or electrical engineering. They aslo prefer to have experience in analog to digtail, power supplies and basic troubleshooting skills. This postion also has ITAR requirement. 1.3.2. Intel ad http://jobs.intel.com/ShowJob/Id/1133169/Hardware-engineer/ In this ad by Intel they are looking for a hardware engineer. This engineer with be responsible for research in design and development.They will have to make sure that product is within standards and specification. They will also develop plans and work with the project risk. They will be working what intel says Is the heart of intel which

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