Teradyne Corporation: the Jaguar Project Essay

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Teradyne Corporation: The Jaguar Project Project Management Case Analysis PRESENTED TO Dr. Rupesh Kumar Pati Submitted BY Sudha T (EEPOM-05-029) Suman KR (EEPOM-05-032) Mithun Mukundan (EEPOM-05-010) Manickavasagam Ramasamy(EEPOM-05-008) Yeshaswini Rajendra (EPGP-03-193) About Teradyne Corporation • Teradyne was founded by Alex d’Arbeloff and Nick DeWolf, who were classmates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the late 1940s. • Teradyne was the world's largest supplier of equipment for testing semiconductors • Teradyne is a 45 year old corporation • Sales of $1.8 billion in 2004 with over 6000 employees • Teradyne corporation has following major units: – – – – Semi-Conductor Test (64% revenue) Assembly…show more content…
• Earned value analysis, a method for measuring project progress by comparing actual and expected resources (or time) expended. Question1: Compare & contrast Teradyne’s traditional project execution strategy to the approach it used in Jaguar? What was similar? What was different? Teradyne’s Traditional Project Execution Strategy Planning Projects were poorly planned. The goals and scope were often not clearly defined; Milestones were not well defined, and were often missed It was against Teradyne’s culture to mandate the use of any specific tools, it was left up to individual divisions and managers to decide which recommendations to follow. Some divisions of the company quickly embraced the approach, while others seemed to resist or simply ignore them. Jaguar Project Execution Requirements & scope are very clearly defined. Delivery date is also finalized and adding scopes during development was not allowed Formalized project management tools like Work Breakdown structure, 3-point estimation, Critical Path analysis, Earned value analysis are used Project management tools Process Flow Data were generally not available until after a major phase review but by this point it could have been too late to take corrective action. Even within divisions, progress was highly variable. The leaders of project

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