Teradyne Jaguar Project Case Study

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Teradyne Jaguar Project Case Study Themes and Issues One of the major themes facing the Teradyne case was the issue with controversy. The project was impeded or reached various stumbling blocks at certain times because people in positions of power or people who occupied key positions necessary to progress the project dragged their feet. This was largely as a result of controversy: conflicting views regarding the new technology. For instances, the project management encompassed: "intensive up-front project planning, formalized tools for tracking project progress, and a more structured development process" (Harvard, 2005). According to the project report, many arenas of the development went extraordinarily well such as the development of the major hardware, and the meeting of all the target specifications (Harvard, 2005). However, where the project encountered major delays in development were in software, which was highly problematic as that was such a major component of the program; in addition the complete development costs were over a third more than what they were expected to be while the entire project was behind schedule (Harvard, 2005). One could hypothesize that this was as a result of the fact that while some team members fully welcomed and sought to master and understand the project management tools, others were more opposed to them. Team leaders like Jack O'Brien saw the tools as a means of guaranteeing discipline during development, ensuring the tasks were

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