Teratogen Psychological Effect on Fetal Development

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1 The course of pregnancy is both very rewarding and challenging. The end result is a beautiful creation and enjoinment of two people. The fragile aspect of newborn life is not the first time a mother faces protecting the child. The beginning of a successful foundation for life starts the second a women becomes pregnant. Prenatally, many different toxins can create issues surrounding the physical and mental development of a baby. Some of the toxins are very obvious, where many fly under the radar. The toxins a pregnant woman takes in may cause issues with the development of a child. Awareness about the possibility of teratogens causing development issues is needed to ensure a safe, normal, and sociable future for the children. When…show more content…
Fetal alcohol Syndrome is one of the most prevalent disorders known to cause mental and development problems in babies whose mothers drink excessively during pregnancy. The use of excessive alcohol during pregnancy is the sole cause of FAS. A less severe form of FAS is Fetal Alcohol Effects. FAE is when alcohol is moderately used during pregnancy. The effects are usually not as bad, but still have an effect on the baby’s development. Since the consumption of alcohol is the responsible factor for the defects and psychological issues, not drinking ensures a child will not get the syndrome. The total preventability of FAS makes it hard to believe that children still get the syndrome. But, with that said, women who are alcoholics are sick themselves and stopping because they know it will corrupt the development of their babies is not sometimes enough. The dangerousness of consuming alcohol during pregnancy starts in the early stage of development. When the mother drinks excessively during the organ developmental stage, the physical malformation especially in facial features begins. FAS children have very noticeable facial features that are directly related to the alcohol. The period of time when a mother drinks excessively can also affect the central nervous system that causes the neurological and mental problems. Central nervous system
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