Term Limits

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Living in the present and looking back at the past, we as citizens see what has worked and what can be improved; Congress is a good example of this. Some may say that Congress is a failure and some may be happy and proud of the way it functions and runs our country. For those who do not approve of it, the idea is to start fresh and get new ideas, people and habits into office. With the way Congress works today, that may not be the easiest tasks. In order to make changes in Congress, time is needed; a significant change cannot be made over night and expect it to run smoothly. One of the ways to bring change and settle the debate of whether or not to ‘restart Congress’ is to set term limits on congressional members. There should be term…show more content…
Pork-barrel spending, special interest of their own state, and how can they make themselves look good are thing that will be on their mind at some point. Setting term limits would allow Congress to become more of a “citizen” Congress because more everyday people, not just the wealthy, would be running for office ( New Politian’s would not have time to find loop holes or exploit the system because they would be focusing on what they need to get done in order to make their constituents happy. One of the major benefits to term limits is the potential for new ideas rolling through Congress, and Politian’s with a more focused mind set. The founding fathers did their part of making sure no one person is given too much power by ensuring that the United States has checks and balances. The 22nd Amendment has contributed to the checks and balances by limiting presidents to two terms in office. Term limits should also be in place for congressional members. This may be another way to ensure no congressional member ever has too much power within the government. Candidates would be running for the purpose to the serve people and not to just benefit themselves. Term limits would also stop the political reward and power abuse within Congress, leading to committees being assigned to individuals based on merit and their expertise to make informed decisions. Doing all
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