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Syllabus Course Materials: Entrepreneurial Resilience during Challenging Times Ammanda Bullough; Maija Renko English PDF | BH534-PDF-ENG How Entrepreneurs Craft Strategies That Work Amar V. Bhide English PDF | 94202-PDF-ENG Apple 's Core Noam Wasserman English PDF | 809063-PDF-ENG Iggy 's Bread of the World Alexis Gendron; Kathleen L. McGinn English PDF | 801282-PDF-ENG Note on Business Model Analysis for the Entrepreneur Richard G. Hamermesh; Paul W. Marshall; Taz Pirmohamed English PDF | 802048-PDF-ENG ZOOTS: The Cleaner Cleaner Myra M. Hart; Sharon I. Peyus English Hard Copy Black and White | 801114-HCB-ENG How to Write a Great Business Plan William A. Sahlman English PDF | 97409-PDF-ENG…show more content…
CAP5802 will be delivered as a combination of lecture and discussion. The instructor demands active participation from the class members. COURSE OUTLINE Important note: The detailed descriptions of all assignments along with all exercises are found on the (new) Moodle course site. Session 1: Monday, 26 August 2013 Introduction and Orientation How the course will be conducted Classification of businesses Small business demographics What is entrepreneurship and why should you be highly interested in this subject? Major assignments and due dates • Concept Description Abstract – Due on 23 September 2013 • Business Plan Outline – Due on 7 October 2013 • Interview with Entrepreneur Write-Up – Due on 14 October 2013 • Prospectus – Due on WEDNESDAY by NOON, 4 December 2013 • Final Business Plan – Due on MONDAY, 9 December (in class) 2013 • Live PowerPoint Presentation – 9 December 2013 [No class on Monday, 2 September – Labor Day] Session
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