Term Paper : Depression Among College Students Essay

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Term Paper Prep Yulianna Hermosillo San Jose State University Term Paper Prep The general topic for my term paper is depression among college students (ages 18-25) . In the physical approach depression can lead to problems sleeping, concentrating, body aches and much more. In the cognitive approach college students who experience depression have thought of or committed suicide. In the emotional approach, depression leads to depressed moods like sadness and frustration and in social approach those who around you can affect your depression negatively or positively. Depression is strongly related to college students (young adulthood) because it is a time period where college students are experiencing independence, isolation, new life experiences, work, school, and several other factors that can be to difficult for some students leading them to depression. College can be difficult but to many students college is the worst times of their lives due to depression. Physical D’Amico, N., Mechling, B., Kemppainen, J,. Ahern, N. R., & Lee, J. (2016). American college students views of depression and utilization of on campus counseling services, Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, Vol. 22(4) 302 –311 a) to examine depression and its treatment benefits and risks b) young adults, ages 18-25, American college students c) Physical (problems sleeping, concentrating and body aches) d) 1. The attitudes that family and friends
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