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Organizing a business begins with: determining the work to be done. acquiring the necessary resources. choosing the best qualified employees. developing an efficient plan of action. Dividing the required work among a group of employees is called: delegation of responsibility. division of labor. departmentalization. separation of control. Dividing tasks into smaller jobs is called: job specialization. division of authority. departmentalization. job enrichment. The process of setting up individual functional units of the business to do specialized tasks is called: Job specialization. Division of labor. Departmentalization. Delegation of authority. Job specialization is known to:…show more content…
The concept of ____________ suggests that as a firm produces more, the average cost of goods produced goes down. economies of scale survival of the fittest natural growth cost enhancement Henri Fayol and Max Weber are best known for their contributions to: production theory. marketing theory. organization theory. finance theory. Organization theorists emerged during the era of mass production, meaning: the development of ways to produce a large quantity of product efficiently. the decline in the cost of production due to an increase in the cottage industry. the development of ways to purchase raw materials in bulk. the era when most companies adopted very similar methods of producing goods and services, which led to standardization of organizational design. Fayol 's _____________ principle states that each worker should report to

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