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PM587 TEAM INSIGHT PAPER By I. xxxxx Instructor: Professor x x xxxxx Our group consisted of x xxxxx, x xxxxx, x xxxx and myself. Our task, as team members, involved the application of the tools and techniques of multi-project/program management. As part of the process, we were to deal with the analysis and establishment of project management systems based on the structure of the project and organization. We were also expected to expend some effort to observe and analyze our own team’s group process and group dynamics, and within that scope address such areas as team member roles and responsibilities, delegation, decision making, leadership, conflict resolution, etc. The Team Paper was to be approached in…show more content…
For instance, we opted not to assign a team leader to the group because: firstly, we felt that there was not really a need for one, since we were just three of us; secondly, we felt comfortable playing off each other teammate's strengths in order to divide and complete the project tasks; Lastly, we thought it was effective we meet once a week to work together on the project while minor tasks could be distributed and with effective communication by phone and emails, query uncertainties during the week before the next class. But, surprisingly calls were seldom made and responses to SMS messages either delayed or not provided at all. The use on an online communication tool was necessary to maintain the communication we needed to provide input and share ideas at different times. At first, we made use of the Team Discussion area on the course shell, but due to the need to pass materials and folders back and forth, that gradually gave way to use of regular emailing to which we could send files as attachments easily and without having to log in to the course shell after reading up an email before we could respond to each other. It was really difficult to arrive at decisions promptly in this way. To further overcome the barrier in communication, which as in any project, was a very important aspect, we decided to be meeting at least 60

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