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| 2013 | Term Paper: Redesigning Security Operations 1 Identify what you perceive to be the five (5) most concerning threats to the network, computing environment, and the database operations of the company Data security Threats: Data face many threats in various forms which can accessed by unauthorized people who can misuse it and can damage the company. Here is the series of potential risks and attacks which the data could face: Data tempering: for the data to be more mores secure t is essential that it should not be modifies or viewed by anyone .in the environment some external parties can perpetrate the data by intercepting in the transit and could changes some parts of that data before it is retransmitting. .Data theft: for…show more content…
External threats: some outsider who has potential access to use the server or database can damage the computer and data .they are the expert people who break into the network mainly from the internet . 3 design the security controls to mitigate the risks involved For the control of the risk, following mechanism will be more effective in the implementation of the mechanism as the management must design the control environment with the assessment control risk. Thus it is essential for the higher management to look at the ground level and formulate the policies, guidelines and procedures which could be fitted with the environment which can more helpful in mitigating the associated risks. * :environmental control * Preventive maintenance * Physical security * Personal control * Environmental change * Information control * User support * Some control over output * Event management Therefore risk mitigation aim at reducing he some internal and external threats which can hinder the performance of the organization. so these risk mitigation focus on the use of some structured policies and guidelines for the entire system to be installed on the network. Thus management should favor the control

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