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The History of Wigs In ancient Egypt, both males and females wore wigs made either from human hair, sheep's wool or vegetable fibers, depending upon their social status. There were a number of benefits for Egyptians from shaving their heads. First it was more comfortable in the hot Egyptian climate not to have hair. Secondly, a baldhead helped avoid the danger of an infestation of lice, which was a problem at that time. However, it appears that Egyptians preferred having "hair" which resulted in the creation of wigs that gave the appearance of hair. The new wigs also protected the Egyptians' baldheads from the brutal sun. Wigs became part of daily wear for the Egyptian people indicating a person's status as well as their role in a…show more content…
Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair: Offers the styling flexibility of human hair with the affordability of synthetic hair. One of the most amazing advances in the wig and hair industry, heat-resistant synthetic hair fiber allows you to heat style the hair with conventional hair tools from 320 - 350 degrees Fahrenheit.Perfect for women on the go that need cost effect hair on a budget, while allowing hair fiber that can be customized to fit your needs. Remy Human Hair: Offers the highest quality 100% human hair with the cuticle still intact. This is the purest and non-chemically treated version of human hair, also referred to as 100% remy or remi human hair. Allowing for less hair tangling and greater styling versatility, the non-processed hair takes well to heat styling and professional coloring and highlighting for endless options. The most luxurious form of human hair you can purchase in a wig or hairpiece, the hair is hand-knotted in the direction of the individual's own hair growth allowing the finished wig itself a gorgeous and natural look. Brilliantly shiny, healthy and easy to style. Meaning of the following Hackling- Root turning- Hair blending- Ventilating- Safty and sanitary procedure for wig making Rinse thoroughly. Remember those days when your real hair went limp because either a) you didn’t rinse it well enough, or b) it had too much product buildup? The same thing can happen to

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