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The Amazing World of Laughter & it Super Healing Power

A Book Review
Presented to
Managing Director
UM Fitness & Wellness Centre

In Partial Fulfilments
Of the Requirements in
PE 2, 7089, 2012-2013
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A lot of people could have been cured had they learned to laugh. More life losses could have been prevented had they laughed their problems off.
After exposure to laughter, there is a general increase in activity within the immune system including an increase in the number of activity of bad cells that causes viral infected cells and some type of cancer and tumor cells. It was found that after exposure to humor there was
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Also in my elementary life, I have so much friends and we shared laughers everyday when we met at school, my classmates back at that that time are fond of making jokes with each other and laughs together, I miss my elementary days because it is very enjoyable and full off activities and also less stress in our studies because the teacher will consider your grades even if you are not so smart and not so active at school at least you go to class and participate every time the teacher have an activity. I can also prove that when you have so much fun, you can really tell that the time is very fast. Making friends is just easy as making a cake, when you have all the ingredients and have all the materials to bake a cake, it is just very easy, just like making friends, if you are friendly and very fond of making jokes, people attracts at you and interacts with you until you became friends with each other, I think my elementary days is the most enjoying part of my limited life.
In my high school life, it is not quite the same as my elementary life because I start acting like a guy and finding a girl suitable for me at least, in my 1st year in high school, I was very shy in our classroom because I have this girl Elizabeth and a guy named Arven who are very fond in making fun of myself because I was very cute according to them of course, it is very not acceptable to compliment about myself

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