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As we move out of the 20th century into a world where technology is changing the way we work and play and are educated, college enrollment is at an all time high. But based on the SAT and ACT scores, academic achievement has declined leading to the question in Joyce Baldwin's article, "Liberal Arts for New Millennium", of whether or not a liberal arts background should still be included in the definition of "an educated person". A half a century ago the traditional college degree was a bachelors in a liberal arts discipline. Recently a large number of degrees acquired are in a specific profession or in business, or business administration type discipline. While that worked for a long period of time, we are now in a changing world of…show more content…
Our country is more diverse than ever before and with globalized exposure there needs to be a better understanding of the different cultures, which is why incorporating liberal arts into our education is even more essential today. Although it will be challenging to provide students, from all backgrounds the necessary tools to succeed, it is what needs to take place for our future to succeed. I don't know all the challenges but restructuring is going to take some strong leadership. As we continue to evolve in this new age of globalization there will be the need to be flexible, but the implications should be positive as we educate and are educated. Back in the early 1990's I acquired my Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts Degree through LAHC's accelerated program. When it was time to pursue my bachelor's degree I could not decide what to major in. I checked out several colleges and when University of Phoenix came to my attention I met with their Administration department. They offered accelerated programs in business, business administration, etc. but while it was nice, it sounded very ridged and boring. It was also extremely expensive so I didn't move forward. Baldwin's article identified that the largest degrees issued in the 1990's were in business so it's all put in perspective now as to why the colleges were offering those majors. I have personally been impacted by globalization while working at IBM. In

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