Term Paper On The Greenock Region, South Australia

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Suggested Patch Revegetation in the Greenock Region, South Australia

Lecturer: Bertram Ostendorf

Brodie McDougall 1607680

Vegetation is important to conserve, especially in or near built up areas where it can easily become obsolete due to expansion or otherwise. In areas such as the Greenock region, South Australia, vegetation often gets split into fragments spread across the landscape. This has many implications for the conservation of both vegetation and animals in the region. In order to revegetate and conserve any vegetation in the area, a suitable site (or sites) must be chosen. Although it can be argued that conserving multiple fragments is appropriate in conservation strategies,
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Plant species composition changes with lower edge to area ratios. The composition of species closest to the original composition of the area occurs with maximum area to edge ratio.
- Terrain type. Different species grow preferentially at different altitudes and on different terrain (Bennie et al., 2006). Fragments that best represent the overall terrain of the area should have the correct species contained within.
- Surrounding land use. Different vegetation types surrounding a patch of conservable vegetation can increase or decrease the edge effects associated with a patch. Vegetation similar to that in the patch, or vegetation that facilitates dispersal/transport of plants and animals, increases the length of time a patch will survive (Mesquita et al., 1999). Harsh boundaries to vegetation patches increase the edge effects of a patch. Built-up areas or man-made surfaces significantly increase edge effects (Godefroid and Koedam, 2004).
- Distance from other native vegetation. Close proximity to other vegetation patches can allow inflow and outflow of seeds and animals and provides greater genetic variation (Bastin and Thomas, 1999).
- Fragment Size. Vegetation fragments contain only a selection of the species once present in an area. To get the largest possible percentage of original species and greatest diversity, the largest fragment is the best to conserve (Bastin and Thomas, 1999).
These are all considered in this study to find the
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