Term Paper: Strategic Planning at the Chronicle Gazette

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MGT195 Term Paper: Strategic Planning at The Chronicle Gazette

Introduction: Problems in Publishing All businesses must be concerned with the rapid pace of change we face today. No company is secure, not even the largest and most profitable. Coping with change has been a business concern since people began doing business. Recall how the arrival of automobiles put buggy whip manufacturers out of business. Today’s pace of change is unprecedented. Consider what has happened in the retailing arena. Online retail sales went from nearly nothing in the mid-1990s to a projected $242 billion in 2010. Traditional retailing stores have been heavily affected. eBay has become a retailing behemoth enabling individuals to buy and sell goods
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Hopefully, by looking at the problem from 40,000 feet, she and her managers can develop a better idea of the challenges the newspaper faces. Once these challenges – and their sources – are understood, the newspaper can develop strategies to deal with them. You have been hired as the consultant. Your job is to put together a consulting report of 10-15 pages (typed single spaced with 12 point font). The report’s goal is to offer the management of The Chronicle Gazette a strategic vision of where the newspaper publishing industry stands today and where it is headed over the next decade. You also need to propose strategies the newspaper can investigate to survive in the new business environment. Structure your presentation so that it can be used by Susan’s team as a roadmap to putting together a detailed strategic plan.

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Sample Outline of the Consultant’s Report You have latitude in how you present your report. Following is an outline of an approach that would meet the requirements of this assignment. Feel free to adopt it or to pursue a different approach. 1. Introduction – goals of the report 2. State of the newspaper publishing industry today 2.1. Data on declining circulation and revenue 2.2. Status of newspaper leaders, e.g., New York Times, Wall Street Journal 3. Why newspapers are facing declining circulations and revenues 3.1. External assessment 3.1.1. Economic forces 3.1.2. Social,

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