Term Paper Travel Expense Policy

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Term Paper-Travel Expense Policy ADM 3360B Prof: Gilles Levasseur By: Hanyu Feng October 5th Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Key Recommendations 1 Introductions 2 Explanation, objective and ethical issues 3 Method of processes 4 Business Relationship 5 Clauses 6 (list of all the clauses I will be writing, header for each one Application of Legal Principles 21 Recommendations 28 Legal Measures 31 Problem scenarios 32 Legal provisions 33 Attached Documents 36 References 37 Executive Summary Travelling allowances payable are designed to ensure that employees are compensated for additional expenditure genuinely incurred whilst on official business away from their normal work base. the recommendations made within this report would be expected to be implemented within three months from the date of the report to ensure that the major areas of risk have either been resolved or that necessary controls are in place there are four assurances to be taken control of, to ensure appropriate policy and procedures are in place; to ensure there are appropriate controls and adequate segregation of duties regarding the authorization of individual claims; allowances and expenses are claimed and paid in accordance with the authority’s current rules and regulation and payment is made through the payroll (not personally?); to ensure there are appropriate monitoring and exception reports in place. 1. One person with travel industry knowledge should write the policy
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