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Term Paper Ty’Londre Gardner MidAmerica Nazarene University I find myself within a deep conflict contemplating my stance for capital punishment. There are many people who believe the subject is too sensitive to even discuss. What I have witnessed is the two opposing parties letting their emotion, rather than logic, control the debate and disrespect the stance of someone else other than their own. I believe that everyone is a product of his or her environment. For example, if you have a lineage of heart surgeons in your family, statistically speaking, you will have a higher chance of becoming a heart surgeon as well. Likewise, if one was to be born with disabilities and whose parents’ only way to control that person was through…show more content…
The biggest problem that I have with capital punishment is that there is a strong possibility an innocent man or woman may die. I have heard many say, “Well how often does that happen?” Certainly, it may not happen often, but is that one innocent life less valuable than any other individual’s life? I think not, I believe that it is very inhumane to view things with this perspective. There is not a fair way to compensate the love one of the innocent man or woman who was sentenced to death. Once the individual is dead, do we place an apologetic tombstone over the grave? I do not think that there is a valid enough excuse to cover up what has already happened. Many people are hesitant on deciding whether they support the death penalty and in turn use other factors, like expenses, to determine their answer. They prefer to crunch the numbers and see what works better economically for society. Economically, it is actually cheaper to house an offender in jail for the rest of their life compared to the pricing to execute them. The reason is due to the pre-trial costs; in general, capital cases are far more complicated than non-capital cases and therefore require more money for the overall process. Several experts are needed to evaluate the forensic evidence, mental health and the social history of the defendant. Another expense is the procedure of jury selection. With the death penalty in question, the jury selection in capital cases are much more time consuming and expensive. In

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