Term Paper: Website Migration Project

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Term Paper: Website Migration Project

Term Paper: Website Migration Project
Dimitri A. Brydie
Professor Jennifer Merritt
Systems Analysis and Development
December 18, 2013

Tony’s Chips has recently been acquired by a new independent company and the organization leaders have decided to move the current website, which is hosted externally, to an internal host. The company wants the website to be redesigned so that after migration, customers will then be able to make orders online. The company’s leadership would also like to have a disaster recovery solution in place in case the main site goes down. The overall objective of the project is to plan and design a new effective platform to host the website and to efficiently transfer
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Also, in preparation for the disaster recovery solution, a decision needs to be made whether or not to house the system in multiple locations. Since the company leaders are highly concerned about business continuity, multiple locations will be helpful in the event of fires and natural disasters that could interrupt business operations (Ricardo 2012). During the planning phase, there should be an investigation of the current website and how it operates. In investigating the current website, positive and negative aspects can be identified and a determination can be made on what portions can be kept, discarded, or improved (Kneale 2008). The main objective has already been established, but during the planning phase, time can be taken to interview leaders, management, employees, and users to get a better understanding of the problem so that a viable solution can be considered. Given the information gathered from observation, project management tools such as Gantt Charts can be created. A Gantt chart is used to organize tasks and monitor the progress of the overall project (Shelly & Rosenblatt 2012). The company’s size and expectations for future growth are also factors that need to be considered in the planning stage. A web server that does not support the amount of traffic and activity on the site will run slowly, making for a bad customer experience, so anticipating where the company wants to be in the next five years will
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