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Marketing Plan: - Marketing plan is the central instrument for directing and coordinating themarketing efforts. The marketing plan operates at two levels: Strategic marketing plan: - This plan lays out the target markets and the values propositions the firm will offer, based on an analysis of the best market opportunities. Tactical marketing plan: - This specifies the marketing tactics, including product features, promotion, merchandising, pricing, sales channels and service. MARKET ANALYSIS Biscuit making is a conventional activity in many parts of the country. Despite theadvent of modern, large capacity and automatic biscuit making plants, large sectionof people especially in semi-urban and rural areas still prefer fresh biscuits…show more content…
The Fat Free BITE will help broaden our marketability in the biscuit industry. Projected Goals • Gaining new customers who are watching and trying to lose weight by lowering their fat intake. • Introduce the Fat Free BITE in January of 2009. • Establish BITE as one of the leading fat free snacks on the market. • Expand to other fat free products like BITE ice cream cones, and snack size packages of Fat Free BITE for vending or individual purchases in 2009. Financial Objectives • Increase sales by selling 5 million bags of the Fat Free BITE. • Increase sales by marketing the Fat Free BITE product to women ages 18-45. • Sales goals- increasing BITE sales by 15 percent Marketing Objectives • Targeting people who are on strict diets like Weight Watchers and SouthBeach. • Promoting the Fat Free BITE packaging by using new colors to help it standout against other products. • Promoting a healthier product to health conscious consumers. Marketing Strategy/Tactics To reach our target audience, which consists of health conscious women ages 18-45, our campaign will focus on reach rather than frequency. With and unlimitedbudget, we believe that running advertisements in magazines and TV will effectively reach our target audience. We will supplement the campaign withconsumer promotions. Promotional Strategies : -

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