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Marketing Plan: -
Marketing plan is the central instrument for directing and coordinating themarketing efforts. The marketing plan operates at two levels:

Strategic marketing plan: -
This plan lays out the target markets and the values propositions the firm will offer, based on an analysis of the best market opportunities.

Tactical marketing plan: -
This specifies the marketing tactics, including product features, promotion, merchandising, pricing, sales channels and service.

Biscuit making is a conventional activity in many parts of the country. Despite theadvent of modern, large capacity and automatic biscuit making plants, large sectionof people especially in semi-urban and rural areas still prefer fresh
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However, it may give our target consumers a food they can indulge inwithout the feeling of guilt afterwards. More than likely, our target market will eat only one serving, which is three cookies, at a time. This is just enough to give themtheir “fix” and satisfy their cravings.Key competitors are Mariegold and Marielite. MarieLite is not a high rankedbrand in the market, but they are currently the only other company with a fat freebiscuit on the market. We want to ensure that our current consumers continue toremain loyal to us, without switching over to our largest competitor, Marigold. Inaddition, we also hope that our perspective target audience for the new product remains loyal to us alone, especially when most consumers do not associate us withhealthy snacks yet. Although we have earned a reputation for great tasting ,but fattening cookies. It is difficult to separate ourselves from the current image wehave, but significant promotion may help our target audience to notice us andchoose our product amongst the competition.

SWOT Analyses

Strength :- •
Focusing on fast growing sectors such as snacks, beverages, and convenient meals.

Addressing consumer needs for health and wellness.

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