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PepsiCo in USA-No. 1 Brand Assignment Submission Group 3 Submitted by: Najmus Sakib Prokrity (113011155) Nasif Uddin Al-rouf (113011006) Zuayria Tahsin Feroz (113011014) Marzia Hossain Pial (113011164) Rexona Khanam (103011102) INTRODUCTION: PepsiCo, Incorporated (NYSE:PEP) is a Fortune 500, American global corporation headquartered in Purchase, Harrison, New York, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products. PepsiCo…show more content…
They not only work for the profit but also helps the community and as well as the environment. The goals are given below: * Rank among top two suppliers in customer * Continue to Expand Division Operating Margin * Increase the amount of Whole grains, Fruits, Vegetables * Reduce the average amount of Sodium per serving * Reducing the average amount of Saturated Fat per serving * Reducing the average amount of Added sugar * Advertise to children feathery than 12 only products that meet the global science based nutrition standards * Improve the water- use efficiency by 20% Those are the main goals of PepsiCo. In addition to sustainable financial performance, they made major strides in their Performance with Purpose journey. Company structure PepsiCo consists of three units: PepsiCo Americas Foods, PepsiCo Americas Beverages and PepsiCo International. PepsiCo Americas Foods encompasses Frito-Lay North America, Quaker and all Latin American food and snack businesses. PepsiCo Americas Beverages oversees Pepsi-Cola North America, Gatorade, Tropicana, and all Latin American beverage businesses. PepsiCo International is responsible for PepsiCo
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