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Chapter-1 Introduction 1.1. Background of the report: Product, service and brand are the most noteworthy issue for any business organization who wants to increase sells and maximize profit through satisfying the need of customer. Business organizations offer products and services to satisfy customer demand and through continuous providing such they wants to establish the brand name of the products and services which may allow them to make the customer loyal as well as permanent buyer of the products and services. Product, service and brand are three core issues of marketing function. So, to be successful each organization uses unique blend of these three issues long with others. This report focuses on the product, service and brand…show more content…
We intend to expand our presence to every corner of the world and strive to make PRAN´ a truly international brand to be recognized globally. PRAN are business market because they parches raw materials and produce products and Sale that in the market. 2.2. Mission, vision, objectives Mission: “Poverty and hunger are curses”- mission of PRAN So its aim is — To generate employment and earn dignity and self respect for our competitors through profitable enterprise Vision: To create a wonderful brand image throughout the world Objectives  Become the best juice company in the Bangladesh  Improving the customer satisfaction through the good quality of products  Turn in profits in every year of operations.  The creation of unique, innovative and healthy products that will differentiate “PRAN sugar free smoothy ” from local juice.  Four new Outlets in next five years in other city of Bangladesh Key success factors:  Trained human resources and advanced manufacturing technology to insure the best quality product  Strong marketing channel and strategies to build a solid base of loyal customers  The blend of unique featured quality products with great service and atmosphere which create customer satisfaction  Strong backward and forward linkage along with efficient supply chain system 2.3. Administrative structure (Org. Structure) Figure:
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