Term Project Assignment : 10 / 14 Essay

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Term Project Assignment: 10/14
In the beginning of October, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Number (ICANN), a nonprofit created by the Department of Commerce more than 15 years ago, was to be given to the global community. In other words, the U.S. government has loosened its grip on its authority of source domains, instead giving the international community more power over the registrars. Proponents of the handover indicate that the transfer of ICANN is “more of a formality than a real change of policy” (Baral, Who Controls the Internet?). Opponents disagree, instead suggesting that authoritarian governments who are members of ICANN can threaten freedom of speech on the internet. ICANN disagrees with these conservative opponents, stating that no nation will ever control it, not even the United States.
The internet is the result of the abstraction and commodification of information. The internet was created to aid information sharing and communication via computers. Its early applications were untaxed and non-commercial. Platforms such as ARPANET are designed for research and communication only. Only until the mid-1980s was the internet commercialized. The evolution of the internet can be compared to the evolution of the Chicago grain elevator and its impact on market speculation and trade.
The grain elevator of Chicago was the solution of close to one-hundred years of inconvenience ship transport. Grain was grown on the west Great Lakes region. Farmers

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