Term Usage Of Cloud Computing Essay

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Terms 1. BYOD - Bring Your Own Device Term usage: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an authorized exercise which is given to employees of a company or an organization to use their own smartphones, tablets, laptops or any other devices for work purposes. 2. Cloud computing Term usage: Cloud computing is an application of utilizing a network of remote servers which is organized on the internet to store, control or manage and process the data, comparatively than a personal computer or a local server. 3. Transaction processing systems- TPS Term usage: Transaction processing systems is a strategy for the collection, storage, retrieval and adjustments of transactions which is been made by an organization. They are like the main foundation for a company because these are the one which continuously update or modernize. 4. Business model Term usage: In order to undergo a successful performance, an organization or association executes a proposal or a design to generate income and make a profit from the operations. This plan or design which is made by a business is known as Business model. 5. Business process Term usage: A business process is a group of connected responsibility which find their end in the delivery of a service or product to a client. It is a set of activities once when they are completed, will achieve an organizational goal. 6. Key performance indicator (KPI) Term usage: Key performance
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