Terminal Illness : Finding Acceptance And Closure

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Terminal Illness: Finding Acceptance and Closure
Latrese Washington
Baptist College of Health Sciences Cancer is one of the top leading causes of terminal illness and death, and it takes the support of family and friends to help overcome many of the feelings that can occur before, during, and after a diagnosis. It is often difficult to understand how to cope with the feelings associated with losing people that you love and care about and watching other people that are affected suffer emotionally along with the ailing family member or friends. Emotional challenges are faced regarding what can be done to help the patient, family, and friends handle personal emotions throughout the duration of the illness and the stages of grief. A person that is dealing with a terminal illness, a family member, or friend must find a way to effectively handle and overcome the devastating feelings associated with having a loved one being diagnosed or passing away after a long terminal illness. There are different stages of grief and options available for any negative feelings associated with handling the illness and acknowledging the anticipated loss of a loved one. The grieving and coping process involves behavioral and emotional reactions, like shock and sadness, and then acceptance and understanding while working towards healing or rebuilding life.
A patient may find it hard to come to terms after being diagnosed with an illness or disease, and it may require social support from

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