Terminal Suicide

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Assisted Suicide Should be a Legal Choice for the Terminally Ill People make decisions every single day of their lives. Although, people with a terminal diagnosis still have the capability to make decisions, they are not given the legal right to a physician assisted suicide. A choice some may desire in their final days. Once the person with the terminal diagnosis has met the specific criteria he or she should decide what would be optimal decision for both themselves and their families. Palliative care will always be available to terminal patients; however, not all patients will wish to wait and wonder. Nevertheless, some terminal patients will wish to take death into their own hands. People should be allowed to choose how they will die this would reduce the overall healthcare cost, decrease the emotional toll of the patients and their families, and allow there to be dignity within death. The first thing to consider is the high health care cost for end of life treatment. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence defines the time period once a physician has given a terminal diagnosis, and states that the patient will likely not…show more content…
Nevertheless, there are high cost associated with this type of care. This care comes with a price tag regardless of whether it takes place in a facility or at the patient’s home. Palliative care comprises of various different services to treat a variety of different patient symptoms (Round, 2015, p. 904). This care can include being hospitalized or in a nursing home where expenses will be enormous. Assisted suicide would not replace the need for palliative care; however, it could decrease the amount of care received thus reducing the amount of health care cost a person would incur. Since the terminally ill patient would end their own life while he or she was still capable and still in the correct frame of mind to
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