Terminally Ill Patients Research Paper

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Advantages and disadvantages for terminally ill patients within the hospitals and hospices. Deciding where one will die is not a choice many people have. There is no “right” place for some to die. If given the choice each person or their family member should consider the type of care that would make most sense and where and how that care would be provide. Not only that, they must consider whether or not family and friends are available to assist in the care of the loved one. One of the most difficult part about managing care of loved ones are the cost to provide care.
As time changed, medical services have advanced, people dying at home is less likely. Today, most people a dying in hospitals, nursing homes, palliative care units, and hospices.
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Patients and families who begin hospice care understands that the patients’ illness is untreatable and the disease is slowly progressing. Hospice provides comprehensive comfort care to the dying person as well as to the family of the dying person. Families should not look at hospice as a permanent decision. Another important factor, when a doctor stop treatment as a cure for the terminally ill does not mean discontinuing all treatments. Hospice will dispenser needed medication to keep the person as comfortable as possible. Hospice goal is to give patients the opportunity to die with dignity by providing care and help to the patient and their family. Providing help to the patient’s family, hospice is reducing stress on the caregivers. In retrospect, families who receive service through hospice are satisfied with the end-of-life care than those families who did not use hospice services.
The same advantages of hospice care are the same disadvantages. Although hospice provides supervised care for terminally ill individuals in the final days of their life, it does not give hope to individuals that a cures can be figured out. Nor, does it give hope the body would revive itself and beat the odds against disease that is invading the patient’s body. In other words, hospice give patients and their family members the notion to concede that life will end soon, instead fighting to the bitter
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