Termination Of Termination And Termination

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Evaluate Before Terminate Termination. Termination refers to when an employee’s career is dismissed from his or her duties with an organization based on a numerous range of factors. Terminating “potentially violent or dangerous employees can be a difficult one. If the decision is made haphazardly or hastily, firing problem employees can open up an organization to claims of wrongful termination or even illegal discrimination” (Mathis, Jackson, & Valentine, 2014). In my personal work experiences, I have witnessed a couple accounts of dangerous or escalating behaviors that have been considered a risk by managers, supervisors, and coworkers. For example, an incident involving a client and a staff member took a turn for the worst during a face-to-face benefit eligibility interview. The client was upset by the tone of voice the eligibility worker was using with her during her interview and requested another worker to complete her case. The client’s current eligibility worker informed the client that she would need to reschedule her interview if she requested a new caseworker. The client was not satisfied and immediately asked for a supervisor to rectify the situation. At this point, the client had proceeded to stand from her seat to walk out when the caseworker grabbed her arm and instructed her to sit, and with that the client turned violent and irate. This incident was not necessarily a disgruntled employee, but the employee in a sense provoke the client, instead of making a

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