Termitaria Research Paper

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The anteaters are animals that fed on insects, specifically termites, insects that fed on the wood of trees. The reasons on how both creatures came to be and why the termites are preyed upon the anteaters originate from the actions of Queen Termes and her city of Termitaria.
A great and grand city, Termitaria was the home of thousands. It was an old and isolated city that was very successful since it was rich in resources, yet it was a city that did not trade with others outside its wall due to its independent nature. Not much was known about this city outside its wall only that it was a spectacular sight to see since it was built on a hill near a lush forest. The ruler was Queen Termes, a widow that was a strict yet fair ruler that took power
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“The people worship her as a goddess” Vermilingua added.
Artemis both shocked and angered that the people compare the queen to a goddess like herself asked them both “Do you worship the queen and treat her as a goddess?”
They both said “No, we are loyal to and worship Artemis the goddess of hunting and wilderness.”
Artemis hearing all she needed to left the home and with her power she punished Queen Termes and all the citizens of Termitaria by transforming them into tiny pale creatures with six legs and destroyed the city of Termitaria. No one was spared except the two sisters Artemis visited. The next day however Artemis noticed that some of the trees in a certain place of the forest were still being cut down and so she went into the area only to find a small hill made of dirt with many tiny creatures going in and out of it to the trees. Artemis realized that her powers mistakenly transformed the people of Termitaria into tree eating creatures and that Queen Termes ordered the people to continue cutting the trees. Artemis went to get the two sister that were loyal to her and brought them to the creatures nest where she transformed the sisters into an animal that ate these tiny
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