Termites In California

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Wherever you live in California, from San Diego, Long Beach or Los Angeles, north to San Francisco, Fresno or Oakland, termites can be a problem.There are methods to reduce or eliminate the possibility that they will damage or destroy your home, but you need to know what to look for and how to handle them. A termite inspection is your first line of defense. After all, you cannot work on getting rid of termites if you do not realize they are chewing up your property. Termite types in California In California, there are five different types of termites that can exist. Here is a brief description of each of them, along with the type of environment they thrive in. Western subterranean termites - These termites exist in large number in many…show more content…
These termites are easily transported in infested furniture or timber. Look for swarmers, shed wings and surface blisters. Pacific dampwood termites - These are the largest termite in the US, and they like coastal areas that are humid and cool. Up to 3/4” long, they attack wood of all types, with a special favor for structures near or over the water. Typical termite treatments and costs in California Termite treatment needed in California depends on the type and extent of termite infestation. There are several common treatments that are used by pest control specialists, and there are also some do-it-yourself treatments that can be attempted. Here are a few of the typical treatments: Chemical treatments - Chemical treatments usually consist of a liquid that is sprayed into the normal termite hiding places to eradicate them. While costs varied based on the infestation and size of your home, expect to pay from $300- 500 dollars for an initial chemical treatment. Many pest control companies offer a guarantee or ongoing service as well, to ensure that termites do not come…show more content…
The process involves sealing the home with plastic and other sealing materials or using large tents made of vinyl-clad nylon tarps, and then introducing lethal gases or extreme heat to exterminate the pests, depending upon which type of termite problem you have. Costs vary, but it will typically range from $1,000 to $4,000, depending on how large your home is. DIY treatments - You can purchase chemical treatments and baits from local pest control companies, and costs will vary. However, you can typically expect the cost to be from $150 to $300. Who to call, where to get termite help in California California has a government agency that oversees pest control and pest control companies; it is called the Structural Pest Control Board and its website is located at This is a good place to get information, check licenses and find out if there any complaints against a company you are
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